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Ratings: Why no stars? I only share reviews of books I think are worth reading. The reviews are candid and honest. Most books will be a five.  Some are more like a four because of things like poor proofreading or other technicalities but are still worth reading - I indicate these sorts of things in my review so you'll know what to expect. I don't give bad reviews.  If I can't get through a book, I just let it be.  I do appreciate when someone gives me a heads up (on Amazon) on a real stinker.  I have occassionally left a one star review when I thought I had been misled by the description.  Mostly that's happened when it was touted as a clean romance and was definitely not. I've also left low reviews when I thought an established author had missed the mark and I expected better from her.  I don't like doing that, though, so it's only happened a couple of times when I've paid good money for a book because I trusted the author's body of work and was especially disappointed.

What's Clean: No explicit intimacy.  That said, some authors believe that premarital intimacy between characters that is not explicit also counts as a clean romance. I can appreciate the argument but I don't accept it as clean for my standards. The books I share on this blog will be clean and chaste.  No pre-marital relations between main characters.  That said, there have been times when we are told a character has had relations outside of marriage as a plot device. While it's unfortunate, I will allow it but will also point it out so you will know it's there before you make the choice to read the book.  But, again, the intimacy is only mentioned - not a scene that plays out.

Audience: Not all clean romance is appropriate for all audiences.  While there's no explicit intimacy, often they will include adult themes and situations that you may not feel your teen is ready for. Lydia in Pride and Prejudice is a good example of this. Great clean book, adult theme. If a book I review is appropriate for YA audiences, I will point it out.  Otherwise, assume you should read it before recommending it.

Prices: Are correct as of the date the post is made.  Sales don't last forever so take advantage of them while you can.

Affiliate Links: “We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.”

ARC: Also known as Advanced Reader Copies. Sometimes I review ARCs of books.  This will be indicated.

Suggestions: Have a book you'd like to have reviewed or a great deal to share? I'd love to hear about it. I do not charge for reviews or promotion.

My Favorite Romance: Easy: Arabella by Georgette Heyer.  If you've not read it, you must.  If you aren't familiar with Heyer, you're missing out. I highly recommend the Audible whyspersync versions.

About Me: I discovered clean romances shortly after purchasing an LDS bookstore several years ago.  I have since given up the bookstore, but not the books.  I'm an avid reader, a devoted wife, and mother of 5 (mostly grown) children. I make bobbin lace, quilt, volunteer with African NGO's, beta and proof read to keep busy while I wait for grandchildren...

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