Favorite Authors

Favorite Authors  

These are must reads and authors that consistently write a great clean romance.

In alphabetical order because, aside from Georgette Heyer (who is in a class all her own), they're almost always an awesome read:

Tamera Alexander
Rachael Anderson
Cathleen Armstrong
Jane Austen
Elizabeth Camden
Delaney Cameron
Lizzie Church
Brenda Coulter
Lisa Crane
Nicole Deese
Beverly Farr
Laura Frantz
Deeanne Gist
Tammy L Gray
Rachel Hauck
Georgette Heyer
Denise Hunter
Melanie Jacobson
Regina Jennings
Rachel John
Carla Kelly (clean books)
Kimberly Krey
Tamara Leigh (clean books)
Victorine Lieske
Lucy McConnell
Amy Matayo
Marcia Lynn McClure
Jennifer Peel
Bria Quinlan
Michelle Pennington
Janette Rallison
Lisa Smartt
Joan Smith
Sheri Cobb South
Staci Stallings (when she's not too preachy)
Melissa Tagg
Shari L. Tapscott
Susan Tuttle
Becky Wade
Sariah Wilson
Karen Witemeyer

Authors I've enjoyed reading

Authors I would definitely recommend exploring who could one day make it to the favorites list. They are all solid authors and their books are definitely worth reading. They just can't all be favorites...

Alivia Anderson
Cindy Roland Anderson
Susan Aylworth
Heather Blanton
Candace Calvert
Cami Checketts
Helen Conrad (clean versions)
Juddy Corry
Tanya Anne Crosby (clean versions)
Janelle Daniels
Diane Darcy
Taylor Dean
Meg Easton
Sarah Eden
Sharon Gillenwater
Shannon Guymon
Amanda Hamm
Taylor Hart
Robin Lee Hatcher
Shanna Hatfield
Jaclyn M Hawkes
Lisa Heaton
Ruth Logan Herne
Kristin Holt
Liz Isaacson
Kristy K James
Jenny B Jones
Heather Justesen
Tori Kayson
Josi Kilpack
Erin Landy
Jeanette Lewis
Lia London
Aubrey Mace
Teresa McCarthy
Shannon McCrimmon
Anne-Marie Meyer
Carol Moncado
Diane Moody
Heather B Moore
Kathleen Morgan
Sherri Schoenborn Murray
Jo Noelle
Rachel Ann Nunes
Janette Oke
Jessica Patch
Jolene Betty Perry
Krista Phillips
Andrea Pickens
Melanie Snitker
Lisa Swinton
Sarah Loudin Thomas
Janice Thompson
Paige Timothy
EM Tippetts
Amanda Tru
Susan May Warren
Virginia Welch
Rebecca Winters

Have an author to recommend to the list? I'd love to hear from you. It's always exciting to find a new favorite author.

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