Thursday, August 8, 2019

The Sweetest Thing - Bria Quinlan

Synopsis: Lyra is less than impressed when her little town makes popular Spence's blog's Top Ten Tacky Tiny Town's list for the fourth year in a row. She knows there's no way he's even been there or he'd know better. But when she calls him out on it, his rabid followers attack her bakery and livelihood, it starts to get personal. Spence's blog may be popular, but his finances aren't stellar. When he gets threatened with Lyra's lawsuit, he sees little hope except to go to her town and try to make things right so she'll call it off. He's not expecting to find a cute little baker with a handful of awesome friends and one of the quaintest towns imaginable. Lyra may be ready for a fight, but it might not be the one she was expecting when her heart skips a beat or two everytime Spence walks in the door.

Review: Bria Quinlan is always so fun to read. Her heroines are quirky, and fallible, and so very likeable. Her heroes manage to make you sigh almost as soon as you meet them. It's never a stretch to imagine why they fall for each other. The chemistry is real and wonderful. The situations fun and ridiculous and delightful. Lyra has great girl friends who push her to go outside of her comfort zone while her guy friends have her back. They're an awesome bunch and you're just really glad you got to meet them. Clean but not entirely chaste.

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