Friday, August 9, 2019

My Not So Wicked Boss - Jennifer Peel

Synopsis: When single-mom Aspen is passed over for a promotion, she's willing to entertain other options. Nannying an adorable little brit may not be what she was trained for, but when he comes with her favorite handsome best-selling author uncle, who's she to argue? Miles is sure he needs a nanny for his orphaned nephew, he's not so sure he needs a relationship. It seems, he's about to get both when he offers Aspen a nannying job and a home for her and her daughter. 

Review: The title is a definitely a misnomer. There's nothing wicked about Miles. He's an awesome guy who just doesn't think he's got it in him to commit to a woman. Aspen's got her own issues, but, really, they're destined for each other. They're well matched, have palpable chemistry, are rational and able to think through their hangups and figure it out. Little Henry and Chloe are excellent sidekicks for this power couple. Friends who feature in previous books round out the cast of characters and make for a great read. There's some mild cussing and inuendo but it's overall a pretty clean read.

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