Friday, August 2, 2019

Gorgeous and the Geek - Rachel John

Synopsis: Willa is launching a new reality show and she's required to fake an off-camera romance with one of the judges of the show. She's fine with that as long as she can pick him. It's a pretty safe bet to choose her co-star from her current show. Doug is steady and a good friend and will agree to the scheme. He's not sure this is the best idea but is so taken with Willa that he'd be crazy not to take the opportunity to spend more time with her even if he knows it isn't going anywhere. Only it does. It follows them all over the country as the show takes them on the road and gives them way more time together than either of them is ready for.

Review: Doug is awesome. He's just so grounded and honest with himself. He knows he's getting in over his head, but he still takes the bait. Willa is a good, strong heroine and you can easily see why Doug is mesmerized by her. They have good chemistry and their story is natural and satisfying. It's a great addition to the series. A quick, clean, fun read.

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