Thursday, August 8, 2019

Forever Yours - Judy Corry

Synopsis: Jace has recently moved back to Ridgewater with his family (you'll remember his twin Logan from book 5). His longtime crush Alyssa is still around but now dating his best friend. Not one to interfere, he's resigned to just being friends with her. When a bet with her boyfriend gives him license to try to win her over, he's happy to find she's not at all averse to exploring a relationship with him. Until, of course, the boyfriend decides he's not into losing a bet or a girlfriend.

Review: Though a YA series, these have not always been light fluffy reads. One could easily believe this group of friends were young adults tackling college rather than high school. Alyssa and Jace deal with some heavy loyalty and trust issues as they work out their story. Jace, like his brother, is an exceptional hero for a teen guy. Alyssa's torn about how to think and act when faced with some tricky situations. Given that they're teens, I'd love to see them interact with their parents for advice a little, but their friends are pretty rational, thoughtful confidants. This book includes a full cast of characters from previous ones, which is kind of fun. While not essential to the plot, reading book 5 just before this one, wouldn't be a bad idea. They play out in real time with each other so you get an interesting third perspective that would be all the more enjoyable with Logan and Raven's story fresh in your mind. Some heavy kissing but otherwise a clean, chaste read.

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