Wednesday, May 29, 2019

More Than Words Can Say - Karen Witemeyer

Synopsis: Zach's enjoying the freedom he's finally gotten now that his younger siblings are married and has no intention of saddling himself with a wife and family anytime soon. Abigail didn't have any intentions of getting saddled with a husband either. But when the town council forces her hand and gives her little choice but to convince someone to marry her so she can keep her bakery, she's prepared to do what needs to be done. A marriage contract is exactly the thing to protect both she and her future husband from any more commitment than is absolutely necessary. 

Review: Who wouldn't fall for the woman who makes your sticky buns every morning? It's a wonder Zach wasn't already begging Abigail to marry him! Such a cute couple. Karen Witemeyer has created a really fun series and this installment is a fabulous addition. Zach was a fabulous brother and he's turned out to be an even better husband. Can't even imagine what a great father he'll be! Abigail and Zach really do make a solid couple and it's really sweet to watch them work together to figure out the challenges they face and to see them realize how perfect they are together. Fun to see Zach's siblings and to see they're doing well. An all around great clean read.

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