Wednesday, May 29, 2019

A Kiss at Midsummer - Meg Easton

Synopsis: Merit is a workaholic with a business partner who's a little too concerned about his welfare for Merit's liking. Pressured into a month-long vacation to get his priorities straight, he's headed to the Royal Palm to do his time so he can get back to work. Elise is the activities director and thrilled at the bonus she's determined to earn if she can get Merit to date enough while under her watch. She's looking forward to buying back her childhood home and finding some balance in her own life.

Review: A nice addition to the Royal Palm series. Both Merit and Elise are great people who get along well and don't thrive on personal drama. It's fun to watch them get to know and fall for each other. They do a good job of working out their challenges and finding their HEA. The Royal Palm is turning out to be a super fun place. One can't but look forward to reading more about the other charters we meet along the way. A good clean light romance.

Amazon: $.99

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