Wednesday, May 29, 2019

More Than Words Can Say - Karen Witemeyer

Synopsis: Zach's enjoying the freedom he's finally gotten now that his younger siblings are married and has no intention of saddling himself with a wife and family anytime soon. Abigail didn't have any intentions of getting saddled with a husband either. But when the town council forces her hand and gives her little choice but to convince someone to marry her so she can keep her bakery, she's prepared to do what needs to be done. A marriage contract is exactly the thing to protect both she and her future husband from any more commitment than is absolutely necessary. 

Review: Who wouldn't fall for the woman who makes your sticky buns every morning? It's a wonder Zach wasn't already begging Abigail to marry him! Such a cute couple. Karen Witemeyer has created a really fun series and this installment is a fabulous addition. Zach was a fabulous brother and he's turned out to be an even better husband. Can't even imagine what a great father he'll be! Abigail and Zach really do make a solid couple and it's really sweet to watch them work together to figure out the challenges they face and to see them realize how perfect they are together. Fun to see Zach's siblings and to see they're doing well. An all around great clean read.

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A Kiss at Midsummer - Meg Easton

Synopsis: Merit is a workaholic with a business partner who's a little too concerned about his welfare for Merit's liking. Pressured into a month-long vacation to get his priorities straight, he's headed to the Royal Palm to do his time so he can get back to work. Elise is the activities director and thrilled at the bonus she's determined to earn if she can get Merit to date enough while under her watch. She's looking forward to buying back her childhood home and finding some balance in her own life.

Review: A nice addition to the Royal Palm series. Both Merit and Elise are great people who get along well and don't thrive on personal drama. It's fun to watch them get to know and fall for each other. They do a good job of working out their challenges and finding their HEA. The Royal Palm is turning out to be a super fun place. One can't but look forward to reading more about the other charters we meet along the way. A good clean light romance.

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Thursday, May 16, 2019

Summer by the Tides - Denise Hunter

Synopsis: Maddy and her older sisters rush to their grandmother's beachfront cottage after her neighbor calls to report her missing. Each has troubles of their own to add to the distressing situation. Connor's concern for his neighbor turns into a struggle to finally move on after his wife's death and admit his attraction to the girl next door. With lots of decades old baggage, and a closet full of family secrets, the sisters spend their days cleaning out the cottage and healing old wounds.

Review: I don't think Denise Hunter is capable of writing a bad book. That said, it seems she's taken it as a personal challenge to pile on as much strife and turmoil as one could imagine and then add a couple more doozies just for good measure. One truly has to suspend belief to accept all that happens to these poor sisters. Remarkably, they somehow manage to face them all and come out all the better in the end. Truly, the story is a good one and certainly Maddy and Connor are awesome together. Their chemistry is perfect and you just love to watch them fall in love. The faith element is much more natural in this book than some of her more recent ones. It's not doctrinally heavy or preachy but is a reflection of the characters and their own relationship with God. A good clean contemporary romance that's a great summer (or anytime) read.

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Monday, May 13, 2019

Love Again at the Heart of Main Street - Meg Easton

Synopsis: Tory's getting along fairly well as a new divorcee with a gaggle of kids. Trouble comes in the form of a downed tree on top of her coffee shop. With a tight budget and a construction boom putting contractors in short supply, she's not sure how she'll get things fixed and income coming in again. Nate's construction company is booming but his love life is on hold as he recovers from his own divorce. A soft spot for the pretty Tory finds him working late nights and Saturdays to spend time with her. 

Review: This fourth installment in the Nestled Hollow series is very sweet. Two really great people finally letting down their barriers and finding companionship and love is always heart warming. Tory is a great mom who deserves better than she's gotten. Nate is a great guy who has lots to offer this would-be instant family. Previous characters in the series tie things together but the story is complete alone. Reading earlier books will make it better but isn't essential. A good clean contemporary romance.

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To Love a Lord - Michelle Pennington

Synopsis: Patience doesn't have a fortune to permit her the luxury of being selective in her matrimonial choices. So when she gets a love note from the rake she's been crushing about, she's more than looking forward to the upcoming house party she hopes to meet him at. Meanwhile, Lord Stanton has come to appreciate the hidden gem the beautiful Miss Wendover truly is. Now that he's also managed to get invited to the house party, he needs only prove to her he's worthy of her attentions.

Review: A debut regency novel for Michelle Pennington, but we can only hope there are many more in the works. She's done a good job of preserving the regency world while keeping it lighter than a Heyer can be. We can appreciate that, while it's definitely a contemporary regency, unlike many authors, Pennington doesn't water it down by constantly explaining the ins and outs of the period. Patience is a lovely heroine who is no simpering miss and is mature enough to see the reality of her situation quickly. She makes good choices and more than deserves her HEA. Stanton is a worthy hero who keeps his head about him while falling for our Miss Wendover. The supporting characters round out the story nicely and add to the entertaining adventure. A good clean, fun regency.

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Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Behind the Light of Golowduyn - Deborah M. Hathaway

Synopsis: After her uncle's accident, Abigail is charged with both caring for him and the lighthouse they live in. She's resigned to living this quiet life alone with him. Things change quickly when Captain Kendrick's ship wrecks one night. He's ready to retire, her uncle is thrilled to be reunited with the son of an old friend, and Abigail is a little enchanted with the extra help.

Review: A marriage of convenience combined with a little mystery keeps this story moving along. Set mostly at the lighthouse, there's not a lot of excitement save the antics of some ne'er-do-well. Abigail is a little difficult to love. It's easy to feel Gavin's frustration with the situation. He's extremely patient with her and is a worthy hero. Definitely a clean romance with a sweet HEA.

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Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Flirting With the Bad Boy - Michelle Pennington

Synopsis: Amber is a school basketball star looking to earn a scholarship. She's got no time for boys and the distraction they bring. Jason is the new kid. A bad boy who comes to her rescue. He has no problem with distractions and is more than happy to try to become Amber's

Review: A good clean YA romance. While she doesn't sugar coat teen life, Pennington tones down the challenges teens face as they muddle through high school. The situations are tense but now gritty. Amber is a great heroine and Jason is a solid hero. They have a nice chemistry and are easy to like. You certainly have no reservation in cheering Jason on in his pursuit of Amber. It's great to see them get their HEA. 

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