Monday, April 29, 2019

The Waves - Amy Matayo

Synopsis: Dillon's mom is desperate to see her married and is thrilled she's come on their family reuinion cruise to celebrate her grandparent's anniversary and nurse her broken heart. She's sure Dillon will find her soulmate on the ship. Dillon is not at all interested in a new relationship. Liam's brother has had a crush on Dillon for a while now so he's not acting on his own inclinations towards her. But when they find themselves on a deserted island for nearly a week, things change and that promise to respect his brother's first dibs gets a little thin. 

Review: True to form, Amy Matayo has created an awesomely ridiculous story you can't put down. I mean, nobody gets stranded on a deserted island and you KNOW everything is going to work out, but you still get sucked into every coconut cracking, fish spearing scene. Dillon and Liam are a great pair and watching them work together and figure out their feelings for each other both on and off the island is a treat. Some inuendo and, frankly, it's amazing that she manages to keep five days in swim trunks, a bikini, and little hope of rescue clean, but she does. 

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