Thursday, April 25, 2019

Sweet on You - Becky Wade

Synopsis: Britt is the youngest of the Bradford sisters that this series has revolved around. She's a chocolatier focused on growing her business and staying single. Zander is her longtime friend and the man who has crushed on her for over a decade. He's become a successful author and been trying to clear his head of Britt while on a world tour. Having to return home early, after his uncle's unexpected, death doesn't help one bit. As he an Britt unearth family secrets, they discover some of their own.

Review: We've seen peeks of Zander in previous stories and the good news, is that the wait was worth it. He's even better than any of us could have imagined. Lucky Britt! More unsolved mystery detective novel than romance, it's still lots of fun to follow Zander and Britt around the region disecting his uncle's mysterious past. While there's not a lot of courting, this final installment in the Bradford sisters series is really satisfying. Britt is a lovely young woman who's trying hard to find her place both in business and in her family. Zander is a steady, strong, and loyal hero. The Bradford's are a fabulous family and it's been nice to get to know them a little better with each story. Becky Wade has a great talent to create endearing characters and tales that you can't help but fall in love with. Some faith based content but not heavy or preachy. A fun clean read.

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I was given an ARC.

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