Monday, April 8, 2019

Kissing the Boy Next Door - Judy Corry

Synopsis: After a long family feud, best friends Wes and Lauren have renewed their friendship. Only, things get a little complicated when they find they don't want to be just friends this time around. Their warring parents and family secrets only add to their troubles.

Review: Judy Corry is a solid writer. The writing here is good and what you'd expect from her. The romance between Wes and Lauren is sweet and you really grow to like them both. The problem I have with this YA story is that it's a huge can of worms that involves a whole lot of sneaking around and lying to parents. Add to that the lack of solid consequences for their deceptions and you've got a recipe for trouble. While the book is clean, there is some questionable behavior and some somewhat mature subject matter so I'm reticent to call it chaste. Conservative parents are going to have a big problem with calling this a YA romance even though it revolves around teens. It's a good story and worth reading but consider screening if you're concerned about content for your YA.

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