Thursday, April 25, 2019

Emma the Matchmaker - Rachel John

Synopsis: An Austen retelling with a modern twist. Emma is a fashion consultant looking after her grandfather and busy finding love for his new nurse. George is her brother-in-law and finding himself falling for Emma.

Review: Not usually an Austen redo fan, but this is a cute retelling that stays close enough to hint at the original but new enough to keep you wondering how Rachel John is going to get around to finding a HEA for our hero and heroine. It's a quick read and fun too. Emma's not a rich witless fashionista but a concerned grandaughter with her own fledgling business. George is a medical assistant with genuine concern for people around him rather than a rich aloof business mogul. They're refreshingly regular people with a realistic friendship that finds itself becoming more. A fun summer read.

Amazon $.99

I was given an ARC.

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