Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Because You Loved Me - Delaney Cameron

Synopsis: Bridgette's parents have died recently and left a mess behind. Her much younger siblings are entrusted to her father's protegee. Suddenly alone and without an allowance or a hefty inheritance to prop up her lifestyle, she starts to push her plans to marry her secret fiance. Graham is happy to become a guardian to his mentor's children. But he'd prefer to take care of Bridgette too. He's had a crush on her since her first day of work in the family business. He's not particularly thrilled to learn she's engaged but he's a patient man.

Review: One thing you can bank on with Delaney's books, is that there's no drive-by drama. Her romances are steady and methodical, culminating in sigh worthy HEA's. Graham is such a steady, good guy, that you fall for him immediately. Bridgette is a fabulous heroine with her troubles and determination to overcome the world. Even though you know she's going to inevitably figure things out, you stay up way too late hoping it'll be in just the next chapter. A really endearing couple with a heartwarming story that gets you looking forward to what promises to be a great new series. A sweet clean romance.

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