Monday, April 29, 2019

The Waves - Amy Matayo

Synopsis: Dillon's mom is desperate to see her married and is thrilled she's come on their family reuinion cruise to celebrate her grandparent's anniversary and nurse her broken heart. She's sure Dillon will find her soulmate on the ship. Dillon is not at all interested in a new relationship. Liam's brother has had a crush on Dillon for a while now so he's not acting on his own inclinations towards her. But when they find themselves on a deserted island for nearly a week, things change and that promise to respect his brother's first dibs gets a little thin. 

Review: True to form, Amy Matayo has created an awesomely ridiculous story you can't put down. I mean, nobody gets stranded on a deserted island and you KNOW everything is going to work out, but you still get sucked into every coconut cracking, fish spearing scene. Dillon and Liam are a great pair and watching them work together and figure out their feelings for each other both on and off the island is a treat. Some inuendo and, frankly, it's amazing that she manages to keep five days in swim trunks, a bikini, and little hope of rescue clean, but she does. 

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Thursday, April 25, 2019

Sweet on You - Becky Wade

Synopsis: Britt is the youngest of the Bradford sisters that this series has revolved around. She's a chocolatier focused on growing her business and staying single. Zander is her longtime friend and the man who has crushed on her for over a decade. He's become a successful author and been trying to clear his head of Britt while on a world tour. Having to return home early, after his uncle's unexpected, death doesn't help one bit. As he an Britt unearth family secrets, they discover some of their own.

Review: We've seen peeks of Zander in previous stories and the good news, is that the wait was worth it. He's even better than any of us could have imagined. Lucky Britt! More unsolved mystery detective novel than romance, it's still lots of fun to follow Zander and Britt around the region disecting his uncle's mysterious past. While there's not a lot of courting, this final installment in the Bradford sisters series is really satisfying. Britt is a lovely young woman who's trying hard to find her place both in business and in her family. Zander is a steady, strong, and loyal hero. The Bradford's are a fabulous family and it's been nice to get to know them a little better with each story. Becky Wade has a great talent to create endearing characters and tales that you can't help but fall in love with. Some faith based content but not heavy or preachy. A fun clean read.

Amazon pre-sale $9.99

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Emma the Matchmaker - Rachel John

Synopsis: An Austen retelling with a modern twist. Emma is a fashion consultant looking after her grandfather and busy finding love for his new nurse. George is her brother-in-law and finding himself falling for Emma.

Review: Not usually an Austen redo fan, but this is a cute retelling that stays close enough to hint at the original but new enough to keep you wondering how Rachel John is going to get around to finding a HEA for our hero and heroine. It's a quick read and fun too. Emma's not a rich witless fashionista but a concerned grandaughter with her own fledgling business. George is a medical assistant with genuine concern for people around him rather than a rich aloof business mogul. They're refreshingly regular people with a realistic friendship that finds itself becoming more. A fun summer read.

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I was given an ARC.

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Because You Loved Me - Delaney Cameron

Synopsis: Bridgette's parents have died recently and left a mess behind. Her much younger siblings are entrusted to her father's protegee. Suddenly alone and without an allowance or a hefty inheritance to prop up her lifestyle, she starts to push her plans to marry her secret fiance. Graham is happy to become a guardian to his mentor's children. But he'd prefer to take care of Bridgette too. He's had a crush on her since her first day of work in the family business. He's not particularly thrilled to learn she's engaged but he's a patient man.

Review: One thing you can bank on with Delaney's books, is that there's no drive-by drama. Her romances are steady and methodical, culminating in sigh worthy HEA's. Graham is such a steady, good guy, that you fall for him immediately. Bridgette is a fabulous heroine with her troubles and determination to overcome the world. Even though you know she's going to inevitably figure things out, you stay up way too late hoping it'll be in just the next chapter. A really endearing couple with a heartwarming story that gets you looking forward to what promises to be a great new series. A sweet clean romance.

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Friday, April 12, 2019

Catching Waves - Kimberly Krey

Synopsis: Carly's looking forward to her summer stint as a surf instructor for kids at an exclusive resort. Problem is, Gage needs to learn to surf to prepare for a role in his upcoming movie and only wants a woman instructor. Carly reluctantly agrees to keep her boss happy. Gage only took the role to appease his movie star father but now that he's met Carly, he's not so sure it was the worst thing he could have done.

Review: Good summer read. Completely predictable with doses of angst and misunderstanding and you've got a easy light read to enjoy on a warm lazy day. Carly and Gage are a cute couple. I might have liked a better flow to the ending. The leap to the last couple of chapters was a little abrupt but seeing them get their HEA was sweet.

Amazon sale $.99

Monday, April 8, 2019

Kissing the Boy Next Door - Judy Corry

Synopsis: After a long family feud, best friends Wes and Lauren have renewed their friendship. Only, things get a little complicated when they find they don't want to be just friends this time around. Their warring parents and family secrets only add to their troubles.

Review: Judy Corry is a solid writer. The writing here is good and what you'd expect from her. The romance between Wes and Lauren is sweet and you really grow to like them both. The problem I have with this YA story is that it's a huge can of worms that involves a whole lot of sneaking around and lying to parents. Add to that the lack of solid consequences for their deceptions and you've got a recipe for trouble. While the book is clean, there is some questionable behavior and some somewhat mature subject matter so I'm reticent to call it chaste. Conservative parents are going to have a big problem with calling this a YA romance even though it revolves around teens. It's a good story and worth reading but consider screening if you're concerned about content for your YA.

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