Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Saved by the Movie Star - Michelle Pennington

Synopsis: Despite the fact that nothing is going on between them, Veronica is being accused of stealing Chris away from Kim and breaking up Hollywood's power pair. Now she's stuck with him as her co-star in her next movie. It also happens to be her dream role so she's not about to give it up just to avoid him. Chris is glad to be rid of Kim and isn't at all sorry to be starring in Veronica's next movie. If he can just get her to stop seeing him as the bad guy...

Review: A fun light read. Good cast of characters to add some dimension to the story. A touch of mystery and intrigue to keep things interesting. Chris and Veronica are a good couple. Definitely some good chemistry. He's persistent but patient. She does a good job of trying to keep her wits about her despite his efforts. Nice clean read. 

Amazon $.99

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