Monday, February 4, 2019

Healing Hearts - Sarah Eden

Synopsis: Miriam is running away from the asylum she's been committed to by her family. Landing a nursing job in a remote Wyoming town is exactly what she needs to start her new life. She doesn't, however, need an arranged marriage. Gideon is the region's only doctor and is desperately in need of some help. Getting a wife who's a nurse will solve all of his problems - until his mailorder bride arrives and realizes the company who sent her wasn't exactly upfront about all of the details. The town loves Gideon and can't for the life of them understand why she wouldn't want to marry him on the spot. When catastrophe strikes the town, and Miriam jumps in to help, they soon warm to her and are ready to help her when her own crisis hits.

Review: A sweet and honest romance. Not a lot of courting but definitely a lovely chemistry that brings this endearing couple together. There's plenty of drama to keep things interesting. The cast of characters is fairly extreme and sterotypical, but they add to the charm of the story. While it does get tense, it is a fairly light, fun read. The banter between Gideon and Miriam is fun and you can't help but want them to get their HEA. A delightful addition to the Proper Romance series.

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