Tuesday, January 8, 2019

With this Pledge - Tamera Alexander

Synopsis: Set near the end of the Civil War, Lizzie is a southern governess waiting for her lieutenant to return to marry her. A gruesome battle is fought nearby and the wounded are brought to the estate where she lives. When Roland extracts a pledge from her to ensure the surgeon doesn't amputate his leg while he's unconscious, she ends up giving him far more than a promise to protect his interests. Lizzie finds herself torn between the commitment she's made and the man she's falling in love with.

Review: Gosh, where to start? This is NOT a book for the feint of heart. It is graphic and disturbing and heart wrenching. Keep your hankie handy. You might want a few. Lizzie's story changes you. The struggle you feel as a reader when you DON'T want her fiancee to return! The relief when he does! Tamera has created a story that will pull you and stretch you and demand more of you than a light, poolside read. While she paints a graphic picture of the battle and its aftermath, you can skip over much of it without losing the plot. So don't let it deter you from tackling this beautiful story. Lizzie is extraordinary. Roland is exceptional. Their chemistry is perfect yet doesn't overpower everything else that's going on. It is wonderfully interwoven into the fabric of this very complicated and often unclear struggle to understand how to adapt and accept their rapidly changing world. There is a significant and beautifully natural faith element.

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I was given an ARC.

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