Saturday, January 12, 2019

A New Year's Kiss - Delaney Cameron

Synopsis: Norah works as a tour guide in a historical mansion. Lance is a lawyer who's just bought planning to keep it open and use it as a his home and office. He wasn't planning on falling for the cute tour guide. He was especially not planning to fall for a tour guide with a boyfriend. Norah's not sure who she's falling for - her old flame or her new boss.

Review: A consistent addition to the Finding Love series. Norah is a darling. It's nice to see Lance get his own story and get to know how great he is. The love triangle with Norah's old flame adds some twists and turns that really do get you wondering how things will play out. I'll admit that this series has a lot of installments and it's getting a little tricky to keep everyone straight. Even though it's a stand alone book, you sure wish you could still remember what happened with so-and-so when they pop up at family gatherings etc. No big surprises, no big angst, or miscommunication. A cute and easy read.

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