Friday, January 4, 2019

A Bound Heart - Laura Frantz

Synopsis: Lark and Magnus live on the same island in Scotland. While he's been raised to become the laird of the island, she has been his playmate and schoolmate throughout their lives. Through a series of tragic events, both are transported to the colonies. He to the West Indies, she to Virginia. Along the way, they discover their bond of friendship is far more.

Review: More moving saga than romance, the writing is exceptionally beautiful. The characters are rich and deep, the worlds they live in vibrant and sumptious. You can't help but fall deeply into this meandering tale. If you're looking for a traditional romance, you may be frustratingly disappointed as it is much more than a light and easy HEA. Indeed, Lark is courted far more obviously by other men than Magnus ever does. While an integral part of the story, their romantic relationship is not so obvious as the average romance reader might like. Instead, enjoy the story for the struggle and the triumph of this strong and determined pair. Faith and scripture play a significant role but doesn't feel preachy or contrived. It's part of the fabric of the characters and a key to their long suffering and success.

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