Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Who I am With You - Robin Lee Hatcher

Synopsis: The book follows two couples several generations apart. One is set in the depression and are the ancestors of the heroine. Newly married Andrew and Helen are faced with job loss and an uncertain future. Their marriage subsequently faces several challenges that are mirrored in their great grand-daughter's life. Newly widowed Jessica has a new neighbor. Ridley's moved to his parent's new vacation home to get away from bad press and a career catastrophe. Neither he nor Jessica are looking for a relationship. But, not too surprisingly, they find exactly what they weren't looking for.

Review: I'll admit that I first felt that Andrew and Helen's story was interrupting the flow of Jessica and Ridley's. But, as it began to unfold, I found myself wishing for more of it more often. Both are beautiful stories that could really be told in their own book. But, they are, of course, intertwined and wonderful together. Their stories are complicated and deep and soul wrenching. Keep your tissues handy. This is no light, quick read. It's beautiful and entirely satisfying. The characters are all thoughtful, multi-faceted people. They're forgiving, loving, and imperfect. Their stories aren't sugar coated and neither are their resolutions. It takes work and patience and a whole lot of faith to get to their HEAs. 

Very heavy faith element. Lots of quoted scripture, doctrine, and praying. Uplifting and edifying if you appreciate and want it. Hard to skip if you don't.

Amazon $8.99

I was pleased to review the ARC copy I received.

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