Wednesday, December 12, 2018

The Stand-In Christmas Date - Rachel John

Synopsis: Shauna needs her cousin Alyssa to spend a quick 20 minutes with the guy she met speed dating. She's already had to cancel once and he's too awesome to lose just because she's got a cold sore. Alyssa reluctantly agrees. Wes turns out to be just as awesome as Shauna says. And, therein lies the problem. It doesn't take Alyssa long to start wishing she wasn't just pretending to be Shauna.

Review: Wes is fantastic. He plays this out so perfectly. Self assured and clear about what he wants, he's the perfect Hero for Alyssa. An easy and fun read, this is probably my favorite Christmas romance yet. Love her brothers, her parents, and even flakey Shauna turns out to be not so ridiculous afterall. Maybe we'll see her get her own HEA one day. For now, though, Alyssa and Wes are the perfect couple to spend a cold December evening getting to know.

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I reviewed an ARC I received.

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