Tuesday, November 20, 2018

The Forgotten Life of Evelyn Lewis - Jane Rubietta

Synopsis: Evie's determined to renovate and sell the farmhouse and land she's inherited from her granparents. She'll use the funds to keep her Maryland design fim solvent and save her employees' jobs. She didn't bank on falling in love with the South and the people in the small Tennessee town she's stuck in for three months. Didn't plan on falling for the guy next door either. Taylor's a widower raising a darling daughter. His mission in life is to grow organic cotton - not fall in love with a city girl.

Review: It's pretty hard not to fall in love with the South. While it's clearly a caricature of the place and people, Rubietta has done a good job of creating a world that sucks you in and makes you one of them. As Evie discovers her past and learns to live in the present, you find yourself immersed in her story and falling in love right along side her. Not only with the heart stopping Taylor, but with everyone you meet. The rich and full cast of characters add a dimension and fun to the story. Rubietta has done a wonderful job in her debit novel and we can't help but look forward to many more fabulous tales from her. This is no light read. Expect to find a deep and thoughtful story that will move you and capture your attention more than you intended. There is a heavy faith element to the story.

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