Monday, November 12, 2018

Not in the Plan - Rachel John

Synopsis: Rebecca has just gotten a job as an assistant wedding planner. She's excited until she meets her new boss. It's been over a decade but Jay's still not quite over being pushed away to accomodate Rebecca's fiance. Can they be friends again? Is that enough?

Review: The prologue doesn't do Rebecca any favors. Who sends their best friend packing just because she's getting married?! But, alas, she comes to her senses and sees what all of us know in the first few paragraphs - Jay is her HEA. They're a natural couple. It takes them a bit to figure things out, but it's not a frustrating story and it isn't filled with a whole lot of angst or contrived conflict. It's satisfying to follow their journey. Rebecca's grown up, put her family in their rightful place, and is ready to make her own mature, thoughtful choices; making her a worthy heroine. While Jay's never really lost his feelings for her, he's also not so quick to welcome her back with open arms; making him a strong and sensative Hero. Rachel John consistently puts out a solid clean romance. It's nice to know you can trust her to make you glad you picked her books.

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I received an ARC to review

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