Tuesday, November 6, 2018

At First Glance - Susan Tuttle

Synopsis: Penny's sister is getting married and Penny's got to fit into a dress two sizes to small to be in her wedding party. She embarks on a weight loss and fitness plan to prove to her family that she can be just as good as her younger sister. Jonah's cousin is marrying Penny's sister, so he's in said wedding party too. He thinks Penny's got nothing to prove and would like to prove himself worthy of her attention. If he could just get her to stop dating her new fitness coach, he's pretty sure he could make some headway.

Review: How it takes so long for Penny to figure out how awesome Jonah is, baffles the rest of us who fell for him in the first few chapters. Such a great book. The fact that it's a debut makes it all the more spectacular. Susan Tuttle is a talented writer and has set the bar high for herself. The characters are deep and the situation is complicated. Jonah is a perfect hero. Penny is a thoughtful and real heroine. What's especially good about this story is how realistically Tuttle deals with the virtue dilemma. It's not enough to declare yourself saved for marriage, it's not easy to keep your standards when even your girlfriends give you grief for them, and it's hard to know what pitfalls lay ahead of you when your mind isn't in the gutter. Tuttle does an excellent job of painting a realistic scenario that many other authors gloss over. Good for her. Please say Rachael's story is coming soon...

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