Thursday, November 29, 2018

The Lieutenant's Bargain - Regina Jennings

Synopsis: Hattie is on her way to Denver to prove herself as an artist. Plans change when her stagecoach is attacked and she finds herself rescued by a childhood friend. Jack's had a crush on Hattie since grade school. Little did he ever dream he'd be lucky enough to have her show up at the fort he's stationed at in the middle of nowhere. Luck, as it turns out, is a tricky thing.

Review: This has been a delightful series. Just when you think it can't get any better, Regina Jennings proves you wrong. These two are such an adorable couple. Jack's turned from akward to strong sensitive calvaryman. Hattie's learning a few things of her own about independence and compassion. Characters from earlier books make an appearance and add to the charm of the story. Witty banter and refreshing twists keep it light. A touch of mystery and peril make this a pleasure to read. Be prepared to stay up much too late with this one.

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Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Her TV Bachelor Fake Fiance - Kimberly Krey

Synopsis: Canyon's gotten to the end of his bachelor stint on the popular matchmaking show, but can't choose between the last two women. He's already sent home the woman he'd pick. Cambria's been home for a while waiting to see who Canyon's pick will be. She's shocked to find out they want to bring her back for a special post season "can this work" edition of the show. She was totally into Canyon until she realized he wasn't who she thought he was. The incentives the show offers, though, are just enough to make her endure a couple more weeks with the guy.

Review: They're really meant to be. So, there aren't a lot of surprises. It's a cute light story you can enjoy on a cold winter day. If you're a Bachelor fan, you'll enjoy the drama the show tries to create between the couple. There's good chemistry between Canyon and Cambria and it's nice to see them get their HEA after working so hard for it.

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Tuesday, November 20, 2018

The Forgotten Life of Evelyn Lewis - Jane Rubietta

Synopsis: Evie's determined to renovate and sell the farmhouse and land she's inherited from her granparents. She'll use the funds to keep her Maryland design fim solvent and save her employees' jobs. She didn't bank on falling in love with the South and the people in the small Tennessee town she's stuck in for three months. Didn't plan on falling for the guy next door either. Taylor's a widower raising a darling daughter. His mission in life is to grow organic cotton - not fall in love with a city girl.

Review: It's pretty hard not to fall in love with the South. While it's clearly a caricature of the place and people, Rubietta has done a good job of creating a world that sucks you in and makes you one of them. As Evie discovers her past and learns to live in the present, you find yourself immersed in her story and falling in love right along side her. Not only with the heart stopping Taylor, but with everyone you meet. The rich and full cast of characters add a dimension and fun to the story. Rubietta has done a wonderful job in her debit novel and we can't help but look forward to many more fabulous tales from her. This is no light read. Expect to find a deep and thoughtful story that will move you and capture your attention more than you intended. There is a heavy faith element to the story.

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Monday, November 19, 2018

My Mistletoe Mix-Up - Judy Corry

Synopsis: Raven had a burning crush on her neighbor Jace Carmichael for years. She's thrilled to learn he and his twin have moved back after a year and a half away. She's not so thrilled to learn that Logan Carmichael has tricked her into kissing him (instead of his brother) under a mistletoe. Logan isn't at all repentent to have finally gotten to kiss his long-time crush and he's determined to show Raven why.

Review: This has been a fun series and this is a great addition to it. You don't need to read the previous books to keep up with this one but you'll want to read them if you haven't already. Raven gets her own story in this installment and it's nice to see her finally get a good guy. She's easy to like in this time around. As is Logan. Despite his teasing past, he's turned out to be an okay guy you can easily fall for. A quick fun holiday read. Like other books in the series, it's clean but on the edge. Parents might want to pre-read. 

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Wednesday, November 14, 2018

The Betting Groom - Taylor Hart

Synopsis: Newly divorced Tara has just found out she's expecting. Not the best news ever, unfortunately. As she contemplates her fate, Will Kent knocks on her door. Her old flame has decided to look her up to try to rekindle their relationship. She's not so sure. He is.

Review: A quick easy read. The whole story takes place during the week before Christmas. So it's pretty fast paced and not super complicated. They're both endearing and easy to like. They're comfortable with each other and, while the romance is quick, it's not contrived. You're definitely glad they figure it out. Will is a sweetheart and you're so glad that Tara is willing to give him a shot.

Conservative readers might want to know that, although the book is very clean, the couple do share a hotel room.

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Monday, November 12, 2018

Not in the Plan - Rachel John

Synopsis: Rebecca has just gotten a job as an assistant wedding planner. She's excited until she meets her new boss. It's been over a decade but Jay's still not quite over being pushed away to accomodate Rebecca's fiance. Can they be friends again? Is that enough?

Review: The prologue doesn't do Rebecca any favors. Who sends their best friend packing just because she's getting married?! But, alas, she comes to her senses and sees what all of us know in the first few paragraphs - Jay is her HEA. They're a natural couple. It takes them a bit to figure things out, but it's not a frustrating story and it isn't filled with a whole lot of angst or contrived conflict. It's satisfying to follow their journey. Rebecca's grown up, put her family in their rightful place, and is ready to make her own mature, thoughtful choices; making her a worthy heroine. While Jay's never really lost his feelings for her, he's also not so quick to welcome her back with open arms; making him a strong and sensative Hero. Rachel John consistently puts out a solid clean romance. It's nice to know you can trust her to make you glad you picked her books.

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Friday, November 9, 2018

Rule #4 You Can't Misinterpret a Mistletoe Kiss - Anne-Marie Meyer

Synopsis: Ava and Jacob's families are friends in an almost constant state of competition. They're  all headed to a cabin to try to outdo each other and win a family vacation from a local station. Ava's had a crush on Jacob for forever. He's had some legal trouble and is finally back with his family and ready to get on with his life. Ava's ready to get him to think of her as more than her brother's little sister.

Review: A cute and clean YA romance. It's a quick light read. Nothing too deep or heavy. Just a couple of teens dancing around their feelings for each other. Their families are a little over the top but they're a cute pair. Not surprisingly, they figure things out and knock some sense into their somewhat crazy parents. 

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Tuesday, November 6, 2018

At First Glance - Susan Tuttle

Synopsis: Penny's sister is getting married and Penny's got to fit into a dress two sizes to small to be in her wedding party. She embarks on a weight loss and fitness plan to prove to her family that she can be just as good as her younger sister. Jonah's cousin is marrying Penny's sister, so he's in said wedding party too. He thinks Penny's got nothing to prove and would like to prove himself worthy of her attention. If he could just get her to stop dating her new fitness coach, he's pretty sure he could make some headway.

Review: How it takes so long for Penny to figure out how awesome Jonah is, baffles the rest of us who fell for him in the first few chapters. Such a great book. The fact that it's a debut makes it all the more spectacular. Susan Tuttle is a talented writer and has set the bar high for herself. The characters are deep and the situation is complicated. Jonah is a perfect hero. Penny is a thoughtful and real heroine. What's especially good about this story is how realistically Tuttle deals with the virtue dilemma. It's not enough to declare yourself saved for marriage, it's not easy to keep your standards when even your girlfriends give you grief for them, and it's hard to know what pitfalls lay ahead of you when your mind isn't in the gutter. Tuttle does an excellent job of painting a realistic scenario that many other authors gloss over. Good for her. Please say Rachael's story is coming soon...

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Friday, November 2, 2018

Lies, Love, and Breakfast at Tiffany's - Julie Wright

Synopsis: Sylvia's old boss miraculously shows up to help her get her new boss back to the office after a drunken evening out. New boss isn't fit to work to meet the deadline looming so old boss gives her some tips to get the project finished in time. New boss is a jerk. Old boss, not so much. Ben has been harboring a crush on Sylvia since they started working together years ago. Company rules kept him from acting on his feelings. But now that they've reconnected and she's no longer working for him, this just might be his opportunity to get her to consider him as more than just a nice guy. Or maybe not.

Review: This second book in the series is pretty good but I'll admit to not loving it quite as much as the first. I like that Emma shows up here and plays a significant role. Sylvia and Ben are a great couple. I like how their relationship develops. I like both of them. They're good people that you enjoy getting to know. I just don't love all the Audrey Hepburn. It's not horrible. I just felt like I'd had enough after a bit. It's a great story with a nice cast of supporting characters. Definitely worth a read and a fun addition to the series.

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