Wednesday, October 31, 2018

On Magnolia Lane - Denise Hunter

synopsis: Jack has a years long crush on Daisy. If he could convince her to think of him as something other than her pastor, maybe he could get somewhere. Daisy has tried just about everything to find her future husband. She's finally met a guy online she thinks she might be falling for. If only her growing feelings for her pastor/friend weren't confusing the issue.

Review: Clear your calendar, you're not going to get anything done once you start this one. Yep, it's a late nighter, don't get the housework done, we're having pizza for dinner book. This third book in the series is perhaps the best. Certainly it's my favorite. You get glimpses of the characters from the previous books but having read their stories is not essential to keep up with Jack and Daisy. They're just such wonderful people you love to get to know them better - finally. The whole story just makes you happy because you so want them to be happy; and they're getting there! Not as edgy (though there's definitely an eyebrow lifter) as the previous books, and the minimal talk of faith seems much more natural in this one. Yay Denise! This one is a winner.

Amazon $8.99

I was given an ARC to review.

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