Wednesday, September 12, 2018

The Corporate Groom - Lucy McConnell

Synopsis: Kensington is an ice cream heiress in a fight with her sisters for control of the company after their father's death. In a last ditch effort to save it from being sold off, she agrees to marry Nash. Recently released ex-con, Nash, is just glad to have a second chance to prove himself in the business world. The chemistry between them is a definite bonus.

Review: That Kensington is the billionaire who needs help is a refreshing twist to Lucy McConnell's marriage-of-convenience stories she's come to be known for. Light, fun reads with couples you can easily root for. Kensington and Nash make a fabulous couple. He's a great Hero who truly sweeps you off your feet. Plenty of unrealistic situations but if you know these books, you won't be shocked and will be perfectly happy to let them slide to find out just how things work themselves out for these two. A great weekend read.

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