Monday, September 10, 2018

Man of My Dreams - Jenny Rabe

Synopsis: Rory works at the resort her late parents worked at. It holds fond memories for her so she puts up with a demanding boss with unreasonable requests. Dr. Camden has connections to the resort that aren't entirely clear to Rory but he doesn't want anything to do with Rory's crazy boss. He doesn't really want anything to do with Rory either but his heart has other ideas.

Review: A loose retelling of Sleeping Beauty. It's not immediately obvious that's where it's going but you can definitely see the connections. That said, it's a cute story with a solid couple. It's a little on the YA side so if you're looking for a realistic, deep, sophisticated read, this isn't likely it. But if you're looking for a light and easy one, this will certainly fit the bill.

Amazon $2.99

I received an ARC to review.

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