Monday, September 24, 2018

Lies We Tell Ourselves - Amy Matayo

Synopsis: Presley and Micah are childhood best friends. Lots of baggage and self doubt keep them from acting on their love for each other. Things become complicated when Micah meets Mara. Pressley knows Mara's not good for Micah but she knows he doesn't think she's good enough for him either. Micah and Pressley are messed up and need to figure themselves out before they can be good enough for anyone. At least, that's what they tell themselves.

Review: You can pretty much count on Amy to put out a great read. I was hesistant about this one because it sounded like it'd be pretty heavy and I'm not a huge fan of love triangles. But the triangle is pretty skewed so don't let that throw you. It is deep and a little dark but so very good. Pressley and Micah are both characters you want to know better. You feel for them and want them to get things figured out. No quick fixes or magic potions here. Just a lot of hard work and soul searching. Some forgiveness mixed in for good measure too. Definitely worth the read.

Conservative readers might not appreciate the abundance of innuendo and heavy make-out scenes. The book is clean but the characters' attitudes about intimacy are not particulary chaste.

Unfortunately, the text is also riddled with typos and proofreading errors. One of two you can overlook but there were enough to become a bit of a distraction.

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