Monday, July 23, 2018

Perfect Set - Melanie Jacobson

Synopsis: Bree's just moved to Huntington Beach to work for a Sports magazine. Her assignment to get through to reporter-hating beach volleyball Olympic medalist Kade is going to be a challenge. But, determined to show her worth and get a great story, she dives right in. If only they hadn't started off on the wrong foot the first time they met. Kade's past mess-ups have made him weary of the press but he might make an exception for the tenacious reporter who keeps tracking him down.

Review: Melanie Jacobsen always writes a good story. Her characters are fun to meet and their relationships are always an adventure. I only wish she wrote faster and her kindle book prices weren't so high! Bree is driven and confident. Her baggage adds depth to her character. Her friends and family round out the cast of characters nicely. Kade is a good Hero. He's been burned and doesn't warm easily. He's focused, driven and sure of who he is. They make a great couple. 

A good clean, chaste, romance with no crude language. Something that seems to be getting harder to come but these days. 

Readers should know that although this is an LDS (Mormon) couple, there is little to no reference to beliefs, doctrines etc. There is some mention of culture (single adult and women's groups, for example) but it's minimal and not essential to be familiar with it to follow the story. 

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