Thursday, July 5, 2018

Narcissistic Tendencies - Jennifer Peel

Synopsis: Kate is tasked with being Nick's relationship manager when he signs up for Binary Search's matchmaking help. It's not her usual role with the company and she's not exactly thrilled to be working with him. Nick, on the other hand, is more than happy to be her client and sees no problem introducing her to his teenage daughter and widowed father - who promptly endear themselves to her. The actor/screenwriter just needs to find a way to  convince her to like him too.

Review: This third installment in the series features couples from the first two books in a prominent way, which is kind of fun. The relationship that Kate develop's with Nick's daughter is endearing and adds a lovely dimension to the one she's trying not to develop with him. He's definitely a worthy Hero and she sure gives him a run for his money. Which, of course, is how Jennifer Peel makes you stay up way too late and get way too little done in a day. A solid contribution to the series. 

Conservative readers might like to know that, while this is a clean read, the level of intimacy between this couple pushes the line on what might be considered "chaste".

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