Monday, July 16, 2018

Moonstruck - Sariah Wilson

Synopsis: Maisy's father is a musician who's got more kids and baby-mamas than he can count.  She's watched her mother put up with his antics and she's determined not to follow her example. That conviction starts to waiver after she unintentionally gets rock star Ryan's attention at a meet and greet her friend drags her to. Ryan's got plenty of women falling at his feet so he's more than a little intrigued when Maisy isn't one of them. He's pretty sure he can melt her icy exterior when he invites her and her brothers to open for the remaining dates on his national tour. 

Review: Not really a sequel in the #Lovestruck series but the characters in the first book make a cameo appearance which is fun. I like Ryan a lot. I think he's a great hero. Maisy is a little harder to like but they have good chemistry and the story is well told. While this is a clean read, there's a lot of physical interaction between them that looms large and, I'd argue, pushes the line on being "chaste". But, the first book did that too, so this shouldn't be a huge shock to Wilson's fans. Maisy is also really hard in the beginning and uses some language that seems to be coming into fashion but is less than tasteful. Conservative readers may not appreciate these two elements of the story. It's kind of a shame, because it doesn't last long (the language anyway) but may be just enough to turn readers off of an otherwise great summer read.

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I was given an ARC to review.

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