Tuesday, June 19, 2018

This Cowboy's a Keeper - Kimberly Krey

Synopsis: Payton is determined to drag her younger brother back from Montana so he can finish his schooling at Stanford. Her plan to stay a few days soon turns into a whole lot longer and a whole lot more complicated. Luke is convinced he'll be a bachelor for life. He's not super thrilled to have his hand's sister show up to drag him off when he's perfectly happy making his own life choices. Even if she is gorgeous, she's got a whole lot of bossy to get out of her system and he may just be the one to help with that.

Review: This is a great addition to the Unlikely Cowgirl series. Luke is a fabulous Hero. Strong but patient and not easily pushed around. He is the perfect match for Payton who is also strong, maybe not so patient, and not easily pushed around. To her credit, Payton's concern for her brother drives her to keep an open mind and gives her some depth that adds to her likability. A fun story with a fabulous cast of characters. One can only hope that Taylor and Jason get their own heroines some day.

Especially conservative readers might find the accomodation arrangements a little concerning. While the book is definitely clean, the main characters are staying in the same house and Payton does walk around in her nightwear. It's by no means lurid, but for those for whom this matters, they might like to know ahead of time.

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