Wednesday, June 13, 2018

The Love Letter - Rachel Hauck

Synopsis: Despite being the daughter of Hollywood royalty, Chloe has found herself typecast and trying to shake it. Having landed the lead in screenwirter Jesse's first movie, she's ready to change her future. Jesse is great at writing love stories - not so great at living them. He's just happy to see his work come to life on the big screen. He doesn't really need to live it. Things change when Chloe shows up and sheds new light on not only his past, but his future as well.

Review: Rachel Hauck has a gift for creating characters that are deep, endearing, and strong. She tells rich stories that keep you up far too late. The Love Letter actually tells two stories. That of Chloe and Jesse along with that of his ancestor Hamilton's love for Esther. Jesse's screenplay is inspired by the letter Hamilton once wrote but never sent to Esther. While both stories are told beautifully, I'm not a huge fan of the back and forth. I understand the rationale. I just don't love it. There are also some times when the dialogue is a little unclear as to who is saying what. It's uncharacteristic for Rachel so it may just be me. But there were several times I had to re-read passages to make sure I was following the conversation correctly. A little frustarting but, again, the stories are so well written that you can kind of overlook it. 

There is a significant spiritual element to both stories. Without spoiling anything, it is not a light mention of faith. It involves some key doctrinal points that may not jive with all Christian beliefs and will likely not be appreciated by those who would rather not have heavy religious elements in their romance.

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I received an ARC to review

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