Monday, June 4, 2018

More Than Meets the Eye - Karen Witemeyer

Synopsis: Evie's mismathced eyes may have made her the town freak, but they have all but enchanted Logan. He's come back to town to avenge his father's loss of their homestead in a card game with Evie's adopted brother years earlier.  Logan believes her brother cheated and unjustly won the home - a loss that led to his father's suicide. He has every intention of using her to get to her brother and get the justice he seeks. If only she'd stopping bringing him yummy food, and stop singing, and be just a little less enchanting, his plan would work out just fine.

Review: There's everything to love in Karen's heroines. They're always so enchanting and full of spunk. Evie is no exception. She's been beaten down and dealt more than one tough turn, but she's pulled through and kept her chin up. Her faith in God and His ability to get her through is inspiring. You can't help but feel for Logan. Poor guy doesn't stand a chance with all that sweetness blowing his way. Part mystery, part romance, Karen has found a good balance to make the story flow easily and keep the reader engaged in their adventure. A delightful cast of characters help make this a must read for this summer.

There's a mild spiritual element in the form of faith in God and doing the right thing that is natural to the characters and their story. It's neither overbearing nor preachy.

Amazon $9.99 (pre-order)
regular $15.99

I received and ARC to review.

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