Tuesday, June 5, 2018

His Bluestocking Bride - Sally Britton

Synopsis: Ellen is resigned to become a spinster. Marcus needs to get married to inherit his estate. Wedding his childhood friend seems the most obvious solution. Having always loved him, Ellen determines being married to him, even without his love, is better than a life alone.

Review: Regencies are a hard genre to do well. Sally manages to tell a good story while staying true to the historical setting and does a nice job of creating a world that is rich and engaging. If you're a Heyer fan you won't be disappointed. It's not Heyer, but it's a solid offering. Ellen is a lovely heroine and Marcus is a worthy Hero. Watching their relationship gradually develop is satisfying and their story flows well.

Although this is the third book in the series, one need not have read the others to enjoy it. Sally does a good job of telling Ellen and Marcus' story without making the reader feel like they might have missed something or "filling in" and inadvertantly spoiling the plots of the other books. Having not yet read the others, I appreciated this since I now want to read them too.

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I received an ARC to review

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