Wednesday, June 6, 2018

A Daring Venture - Elizabeth Camden

Synopsis: Rosalind Werner is a biochemist trying to help win a case to chlorinate the water in New Jersey in the early 1900's. Nick is an ex-plumber aspiring to become a water commissioner for New York State. He also doesn't believe putting chlorine in the water has been proven safe. Despite disagreeing with Dr. Werner, he finds her beauty and brains a hard combination to resist.

Review: A masterfully told story of not only their falling in love, but also of their wild adventure in the process. This is book two in the series and is every bit as wonderful as the first. Lots of connections, twists, and turns to keep you enraptured and wondering what could possibly happen next. The chemistry between Rosalind and Nick is perfect. Their professional disagreements lend a perfect amount of tension to their undeniable attraction to each other. They're great characters with lots of depth and passion. You want so much for them to figure it out and get their HEA. Elizabeth Camden does an excellent job of telling their story. A must read.

While you need not have read book 1 to enjoy this book, you'll LOVE book 1 and it will add a depth and richness to this read that you'll otherwise miss.

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I received an ARC to review.

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