Tuesday, June 19, 2018

This Cowboy's a Keeper - Kimberly Krey

Synopsis: Payton is determined to drag her younger brother back from Montana so he can finish his schooling at Stanford. Her plan to stay a few days soon turns into a whole lot longer and a whole lot more complicated. Luke is convinced he'll be a bachelor for life. He's not super thrilled to have his hand's sister show up to drag him off when he's perfectly happy making his own life choices. Even if she is gorgeous, she's got a whole lot of bossy to get out of her system and he may just be the one to help with that.

Review: This is a great addition to the Unlikely Cowgirl series. Luke is a fabulous Hero. Strong but patient and not easily pushed around. He is the perfect match for Payton who is also strong, maybe not so patient, and not easily pushed around. To her credit, Payton's concern for her brother drives her to keep an open mind and gives her some depth that adds to her likability. A fun story with a fabulous cast of characters. One can only hope that Taylor and Jason get their own heroines some day.

Especially conservative readers might find the accomodation arrangements a little concerning. While the book is definitely clean, the main characters are staying in the same house and Payton does walk around in her nightwear. It's by no means lurid, but for those for whom this matters, they might like to know ahead of time.

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Wednesday, June 13, 2018

The Love Letter - Rachel Hauck

Synopsis: Despite being the daughter of Hollywood royalty, Chloe has found herself typecast and trying to shake it. Having landed the lead in screenwirter Jesse's first movie, she's ready to change her future. Jesse is great at writing love stories - not so great at living them. He's just happy to see his work come to life on the big screen. He doesn't really need to live it. Things change when Chloe shows up and sheds new light on not only his past, but his future as well.

Review: Rachel Hauck has a gift for creating characters that are deep, endearing, and strong. She tells rich stories that keep you up far too late. The Love Letter actually tells two stories. That of Chloe and Jesse along with that of his ancestor Hamilton's love for Esther. Jesse's screenplay is inspired by the letter Hamilton once wrote but never sent to Esther. While both stories are told beautifully, I'm not a huge fan of the back and forth. I understand the rationale. I just don't love it. There are also some times when the dialogue is a little unclear as to who is saying what. It's uncharacteristic for Rachel so it may just be me. But there were several times I had to re-read passages to make sure I was following the conversation correctly. A little frustarting but, again, the stories are so well written that you can kind of overlook it. 

There is a significant spiritual element to both stories. Without spoiling anything, it is not a light mention of faith. It involves some key doctrinal points that may not jive with all Christian beliefs and will likely not be appreciated by those who would rather not have heavy religious elements in their romance.

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Wednesday, June 6, 2018

A Daring Venture - Elizabeth Camden

Synopsis: Rosalind Werner is a biochemist trying to help win a case to chlorinate the water in New Jersey in the early 1900's. Nick is an ex-plumber aspiring to become a water commissioner for New York State. He also doesn't believe putting chlorine in the water has been proven safe. Despite disagreeing with Dr. Werner, he finds her beauty and brains a hard combination to resist.

Review: A masterfully told story of not only their falling in love, but also of their wild adventure in the process. This is book two in the series and is every bit as wonderful as the first. Lots of connections, twists, and turns to keep you enraptured and wondering what could possibly happen next. The chemistry between Rosalind and Nick is perfect. Their professional disagreements lend a perfect amount of tension to their undeniable attraction to each other. They're great characters with lots of depth and passion. You want so much for them to figure it out and get their HEA. Elizabeth Camden does an excellent job of telling their story. A must read.

While you need not have read book 1 to enjoy this book, you'll LOVE book 1 and it will add a depth and richness to this read that you'll otherwise miss.

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Tuesday, June 5, 2018

His Bluestocking Bride - Sally Britton

Synopsis: Ellen is resigned to become a spinster. Marcus needs to get married to inherit his estate. Wedding his childhood friend seems the most obvious solution. Having always loved him, Ellen determines being married to him, even without his love, is better than a life alone.

Review: Regencies are a hard genre to do well. Sally manages to tell a good story while staying true to the historical setting and does a nice job of creating a world that is rich and engaging. If you're a Heyer fan you won't be disappointed. It's not Heyer, but it's a solid offering. Ellen is a lovely heroine and Marcus is a worthy Hero. Watching their relationship gradually develop is satisfying and their story flows well.

Although this is the third book in the series, one need not have read the others to enjoy it. Sally does a good job of telling Ellen and Marcus' story without making the reader feel like they might have missed something or "filling in" and inadvertantly spoiling the plots of the other books. Having not yet read the others, I appreciated this since I now want to read them too.

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Monday, June 4, 2018

More Than Meets the Eye - Karen Witemeyer

Synopsis: Evie's mismathced eyes may have made her the town freak, but they have all but enchanted Logan. He's come back to town to avenge his father's loss of their homestead in a card game with Evie's adopted brother years earlier.  Logan believes her brother cheated and unjustly won the home - a loss that led to his father's suicide. He has every intention of using her to get to her brother and get the justice he seeks. If only she'd stopping bringing him yummy food, and stop singing, and be just a little less enchanting, his plan would work out just fine.

Review: There's everything to love in Karen's heroines. They're always so enchanting and full of spunk. Evie is no exception. She's been beaten down and dealt more than one tough turn, but she's pulled through and kept her chin up. Her faith in God and His ability to get her through is inspiring. You can't help but feel for Logan. Poor guy doesn't stand a chance with all that sweetness blowing his way. Part mystery, part romance, Karen has found a good balance to make the story flow easily and keep the reader engaged in their adventure. A delightful cast of characters help make this a must read for this summer.

There's a mild spiritual element in the form of faith in God and doing the right thing that is natural to the characters and their story. It's neither overbearing nor preachy.

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I received and ARC to review.