Thursday, May 10, 2018

The Love Knot - Karen Witemeyer

Synopsis: Claire has found herself in Harper's Station after her plans to become a mailorder bride go wrong. Her sisters sends her a "package" from home that brings way more trouble than she could have ever expected. Pieter is determined to deliver his package and win back the love of his life. Not an easy task when he's got plenty of apologizing to do and trust to build.

Review: The thing about Harper's Station, is that as soon as the right man comes along, there's not much these poor women can do to hold them off. Their hearts just won't let them. True to form for this series, Pieter is a fabulous Hero and it would take a steel heart to resist his focused attention. Of course, Claire doesn't stand a chance but it's fun to see her try. A great addition to this series full of endearing characters. Karen Witemeyer always tells a good story.

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