Monday, May 21, 2018

Engaging Mr. Darcy - Rachel John

Synopsis: A modern retelling of Jane's classic. Elsie works at a pizza place while trying to launch a t-shirt business with her sister Jane. Will has followed his friend Charlie to town. They meet, they clash, and warm to each other as they wend their way through the somewhat hapless cast of characters that make up her family and their mishaps. 

Review: Rachel has done a good job of giving an old classic a fresh face. Not an easy task given that there are always high expectations when it comes to P&P. Elsie and Will are not perfect mirrors of Elizabeth and Darcy but, instead, are fresh new characters that hold their own in their own story. Yes, it mimics P&P somewhat but it's enough of its own original story as to make it a worthwhile read.

Amazon $.99

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