Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Bound and Determined - Regina Jennings

Synopsis: Having ignored orders, Bradley is punished by being sent to help escort a retired captain from Kansas to Texas. Ambrosia is charged, by her mother, with stopping her ailing father from making the trek west with his beloved camels. Once he meets the captain and his camels, Bradley is not at all sure of this expedition. But, he is sure about his interest in getting to know the feisty and intriguing young lady who'll be accompanying them.

Review: You couldn't help but fall for Bradley in the first book in this series and hope to get to know him better. His daring and struggle to heed authority had all of the makings of a heart stopping hero. His story does not disappoint. Ambrosia is likely cut from the same cloth and he knows it as soon as he meets her. Not a long read and it would definitely be nice to see more of them in the next book (assuming there will be one) but there is definitely great chemistry between them and a lovely tale of their adventure together. Love this series by Regina Jennings. So much fun and so much satisfaction in getting to know her endearing cast.

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