Thursday, May 31, 2018

Lies Jane Austen Told Me - Julie Wright

Synopsis: Emma is a young marketing executive making her way up the corporate ladder. Having newly realized that the guy she's dating isn't going to propose, she sets her sights on her career. Lucas has been hired by Emma's fitness center company to help them expand. As luck would have it, Lucas is Emma's ex's younger brother. The one who drove her to the train station right after she realized his brother may or may not have been cheating on her. He's determined to get her to reconsider the older brother he idolizes. She's determined not to fall for Lucas.

Review: Sometimes you put off reading a book just because you're not a huge fan of Austen re-do's. Sometimes you shouldn't make assumptions. Sometimes you wish you had read a book a long time ago. This is not a re-do. Sure there are elements of Austen, but no more than lots of (most?) other romances. Julie Wright has created one of those rare finds that, once you get to the end, makes you pause and wait just a little bit before you dive into the next book, so you can enjoy it just a little longer. The characters are vibrant and complicated. The chemistry is just right. The humour well timed. Yep. Should have definitely read this one back in November...

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Monday, May 21, 2018

Engaging Mr. Darcy - Rachel John

Synopsis: A modern retelling of Jane's classic. Elsie works at a pizza place while trying to launch a t-shirt business with her sister Jane. Will has followed his friend Charlie to town. They meet, they clash, and warm to each other as they wend their way through the somewhat hapless cast of characters that make up her family and their mishaps. 

Review: Rachel has done a good job of giving an old classic a fresh face. Not an easy task given that there are always high expectations when it comes to P&P. Elsie and Will are not perfect mirrors of Elizabeth and Darcy but, instead, are fresh new characters that hold their own in their own story. Yes, it mimics P&P somewhat but it's enough of its own original story as to make it a worthwhile read.

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Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Second Chance in Paradise - Jennifer Peel

Synopsis: Holland ends up going to her long lost BBF's wedding and finds herself stranded and staying in her not-long-enough-lost ex's parents' guest room. Worse yet, she finds the cheater staying in their other guest room. Add an unfortunate accident and a boss telling her she needs to take two weeks off to recuperate at said parents' home and you've got the perfect setting for said cheater to win back her heart. Porter is more than happy to have a chance to apologize and try to win over Holland while he's in town trying to save his parents' resort.

Review: It's pretty much a given that Jennifer Peel will tell a good story. Her couples always have great chemistry and you are invariably going to lose sleep or not get something important done once you open that book. Porter and Hannah are no exception to that rule. Hannah hardly stands a chance once Porter puts on the charm and it's ever so fun to watch. His family only adds to the charm of this tale. That said, I can't say I loved all of the technical scientific terms. Even explained, they got a little bothersome. And, unfortunately, like many of Peel's books, this one is in need of a good proofreader. The saving grace, is that her writing is so strong you put up with it. Still, it would be great to not have to.

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Monday, May 14, 2018

The Trust of a Billionaire - Michelle Pennington

Synopsis: Hannah's living in her childhood home in Destin Florida and is off from her teaching job for the summer. She picks up a job nannying to help pay the mounting expenses on the beachhouse. Carter is the wealthy developer next door whose only wish is to tear down the old house to open up the view for the newly built condos he's trying to sell. Little does he realize his daughter's attractive nanny is the current resident. He's about to learn why falling for the help can get really complicate.

Review: This third book is a solid addition to Michelle Pennington's Southern Billionaire's series. Hannah is a fun heroine and Addi (her young charge is adorable). Carter is a great dad and Hero. New and familiar characters help make this an interesting adventure for this couple.  

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I was given an ARC to review

Thursday, May 10, 2018

The Love Knot - Karen Witemeyer

Synopsis: Claire has found herself in Harper's Station after her plans to become a mailorder bride go wrong. Her sisters sends her a "package" from home that brings way more trouble than she could have ever expected. Pieter is determined to deliver his package and win back the love of his life. Not an easy task when he's got plenty of apologizing to do and trust to build.

Review: The thing about Harper's Station, is that as soon as the right man comes along, there's not much these poor women can do to hold them off. Their hearts just won't let them. True to form for this series, Pieter is a fabulous Hero and it would take a steel heart to resist his focused attention. Of course, Claire doesn't stand a chance but it's fun to see her try. A great addition to this series full of endearing characters. Karen Witemeyer always tells a good story.

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Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Bound and Determined - Regina Jennings

Synopsis: Having ignored orders, Bradley is punished by being sent to help escort a retired captain from Kansas to Texas. Ambrosia is charged, by her mother, with stopping her ailing father from making the trek west with his beloved camels. Once he meets the captain and his camels, Bradley is not at all sure of this expedition. But, he is sure about his interest in getting to know the feisty and intriguing young lady who'll be accompanying them.

Review: You couldn't help but fall for Bradley in the first book in this series and hope to get to know him better. His daring and struggle to heed authority had all of the makings of a heart stopping hero. His story does not disappoint. Ambrosia is likely cut from the same cloth and he knows it as soon as he meets her. Not a long read and it would definitely be nice to see more of them in the next book (assuming there will be one) but there is definitely great chemistry between them and a lovely tale of their adventure together. Love this series by Regina Jennings. So much fun and so much satisfaction in getting to know her endearing cast.

Amazon $2.99