Tuesday, April 10, 2018

The Heart's Appeal - Jennifer Delamere

Synopsis: Julia is an aspiring medical student who, instead of getting to the lecture as she'd planned, ends up saving Michael's life on an underground train. He's a barrister working on a case that will directly affect Julia's ability to attend the medical school for female students. This fact doesn't stop her from asking him to tutor her in latin so she can pass the entrance exam. Neither of them planned for more to come of the weekly tutoring sessions. Nobody ever does.

Review: This is the second book in the London Beginning Series but reading the first book is not necessary to keep up. Julia's sisters show up and add a lovely dimension to the story and have certainly inspired me to want to read more of the series. At first I thought the writing simple and stilted. But, as I became enthralled with the story, I was taken with Jennifer Delamere's writing skill. She paints a wonderful backdrop for an engaging tale. Her characters are deep and vibrant and rich. She kept me up far too late, and kept me from far too many other tasks. While romance and predictability are almost synonimous, this is a story that is not so obvious and is a joy to discover.

Michael and Julia are a lovely couple and their romance is endearing and so satisfying. Watching each of them come to the realization of their feelings for each other is a delight. They are thoughtful, considered, and completely out of their element and it's wonderful to watch!

Julia is extremely faithful and the book is very heavy with a religious tone. However, it is natural to her character and doesn't feel heavy handed and preachy. Unlike some Christian fiction, this book is able to inspire and uplift rather than make you feel overburdened with religious dogma. If you can't stomach any religion in your romance, you'll want to pass. But, if you can tolerate even just a little, I think you'll come to appreciate the masterful way Jennifer has woven it into her story.

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I was given a complimentary copy to review

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