Thursday, April 12, 2018

The Gift of Love - Delaney Cameron

Synopsis: Stratton has a terminally ill son who only wants a mom. Leah doesn't seem to like him much so she's a perfect candidate for a temporary mother for little Denver. Leah's tender heart can't say no to the opportunity to help Stratton put a smile on his little boy's face.  Both are determined to keep things between themselves friendly and nothing more. That works for a bit...

Review: It's not hard to like Leah and Stratton. They're both solid people. Neither of them has a lot of angst or unrealistic baggage. Stratton's been wronged by his ex-wife and is wary, but he's otherwise steady and living a rational life. Leah is likewise a confident, well adjusted young woman making her way in the world. This isn't a quick easy read. It meanders through their lives and let's you into their world. It's natural and engaging and completely satisfying. I like that Delaney Cameron hasn't made this into a major tear jerker but has, instead, made it a story about two people trying to figure out how to make the leap from being just friends to something more. While we all know they'll get their HEA, the story is not especially predictable so it will likely keep you up way longer than you intended. 

We catch glimpses of characters from previous stories in this series and it's fun to see them. But, their stories are not essential to enjoy this one.

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