Monday, April 23, 2018

The Billionaire Bachelor - Judy Corry

Synopsis: Having come to terms with the fact that Kate is married and off the market, Drew agrees to be the bachelor on a popular matchmaking show. Kate hasn't seen Drew since her brother (and his best friend) was killed in a car accident seven years earlier. Her disaster of a marriage has ended in an allument. Embarrassed at her plight, she's just trying to lay low and write a screenplay worthy of being made into a blockbluster movie. As fate would have it, she agrees to be Drew's handler and help him finally propose to the last girl left. She manages to get him to fall in love alright. But can she get him to propose?

Review: Not a huge fan of billionaire books but this is the second I've read recently that has started to change my mind about them. It's a very good read as long as you are prepared to accept that, unlike most real billionaires, working is the exception to the rule. So long as you're good with that, you're likely to really enjoy this adventure. Drew and Kate have a very old crush simmering that is engaging to watch bubble over. They're both fabulous characters with their own angst and insecurities about the relationship and they are truly adorable together. The premise is nothing new, but Judy Corry manages to create a fresh look at it with fun characters, delightful dilemmas, and a truly satisfying resolution.

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I was given a complimentary copy to review.

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