Monday, April 30, 2018

Falling for You - Becky Wade

Synopsis: Willow is taking a break from her hectic modelling career to manage her parent's B&B until the permanent manager arrives. As luck would have it, her ex, Corbin, has come to town to recouperate from a shoulder injury. Their breakup wasn't a happy one and neither is seeing him. Corbin, on the other hand, is not at all unhappy to see Willow again and is very interested in mending broken fences. When his little niece cunningly recruits them both to help her solve a family mystery, he's more than happy to join on. Willow just needs to get through the next few months and then she can get out of town and get Corbin out of her life once and for all.

Review: Becky Wade makes it so easy to love her characters and to want them to get their HEA. This is a great addition to the Bradford Sisters series. They are out in force and play a key roles in this installment. They are a wonderful support to Willow. Equal parts romance and mystery, Becky does a fabulous job of interweaving them together. You get just as caught up in solving young Charlotte's case as you do in Corbin and Willow's relationship. Both are complicated and just unpredictable enough to keep you interested. Corbin is a good hero. Willow is a good heroine. They have a complicated past that isn't glossed over. Rather, they deal with it slowly and believably. There is a spiritual element but it's not particularly preachy or religious. A superb treatment of overcoming past sins, accepting divine forgiveness, and enjoying a fresh beginning.

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Monday, April 23, 2018

The Billionaire Bachelor - Judy Corry

Synopsis: Having come to terms with the fact that Kate is married and off the market, Drew agrees to be the bachelor on a popular matchmaking show. Kate hasn't seen Drew since her brother (and his best friend) was killed in a car accident seven years earlier. Her disaster of a marriage has ended in an allument. Embarrassed at her plight, she's just trying to lay low and write a screenplay worthy of being made into a blockbluster movie. As fate would have it, she agrees to be Drew's handler and help him finally propose to the last girl left. She manages to get him to fall in love alright. But can she get him to propose?

Review: Not a huge fan of billionaire books but this is the second I've read recently that has started to change my mind about them. It's a very good read as long as you are prepared to accept that, unlike most real billionaires, working is the exception to the rule. So long as you're good with that, you're likely to really enjoy this adventure. Drew and Kate have a very old crush simmering that is engaging to watch bubble over. They're both fabulous characters with their own angst and insecurities about the relationship and they are truly adorable together. The premise is nothing new, but Judy Corry manages to create a fresh look at it with fun characters, delightful dilemmas, and a truly satisfying resolution.

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Saturday, April 21, 2018

Honeysuckle Dreams - Denise Hunter

Synopsis: Brady's ex wife has recently died and his in-laws are challenging his custody of his infant son. He enlists Hope's help to convince the judge that he's the better choice to raise his little boy. Hope and Brady have been friends for years so it's not a giant leap for her to agree to help him. Of course, they both get a whole lot more than they bargained for.

Review: This third installment in the Blue Ridge Romance series is a solid addition. Characters from the previous books play a role but knowing their stories isn't necessary to enjoy this one. It's fun to see them again though. Each of them worked hard to become a couple and it's surprisingly satisfying to see them still doing so well. So, reading their stories first is definitely recommended.

Hope and Brady are a great couple. There's fabulous chemistry between them and it's rewarding to cheer them on throughout the book. They both have issues to overcome but there's no big contrived crisis they need to get through to be together. Rather, they grow into the relationship and learn to overcome the challenges set before them.

There's a religious element later in the book. It's not essential to the story (much like previous books. But unlike them, this feels more natural) and is not overly preachy. 

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Thursday, April 12, 2018

The Gift of Love - Delaney Cameron

Synopsis: Stratton has a terminally ill son who only wants a mom. Leah doesn't seem to like him much so she's a perfect candidate for a temporary mother for little Denver. Leah's tender heart can't say no to the opportunity to help Stratton put a smile on his little boy's face.  Both are determined to keep things between themselves friendly and nothing more. That works for a bit...

Review: It's not hard to like Leah and Stratton. They're both solid people. Neither of them has a lot of angst or unrealistic baggage. Stratton's been wronged by his ex-wife and is wary, but he's otherwise steady and living a rational life. Leah is likewise a confident, well adjusted young woman making her way in the world. This isn't a quick easy read. It meanders through their lives and let's you into their world. It's natural and engaging and completely satisfying. I like that Delaney Cameron hasn't made this into a major tear jerker but has, instead, made it a story about two people trying to figure out how to make the leap from being just friends to something more. While we all know they'll get their HEA, the story is not especially predictable so it will likely keep you up way longer than you intended. 

We catch glimpses of characters from previous stories in this series and it's fun to see them. But, their stories are not essential to enjoy this one.

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Tuesday, April 10, 2018

The Heart's Appeal - Jennifer Delamere

Synopsis: Julia is an aspiring medical student who, instead of getting to the lecture as she'd planned, ends up saving Michael's life on an underground train. He's a barrister working on a case that will directly affect Julia's ability to attend the medical school for female students. This fact doesn't stop her from asking him to tutor her in latin so she can pass the entrance exam. Neither of them planned for more to come of the weekly tutoring sessions. Nobody ever does.

Review: This is the second book in the London Beginning Series but reading the first book is not necessary to keep up. Julia's sisters show up and add a lovely dimension to the story and have certainly inspired me to want to read more of the series. At first I thought the writing simple and stilted. But, as I became enthralled with the story, I was taken with Jennifer Delamere's writing skill. She paints a wonderful backdrop for an engaging tale. Her characters are deep and vibrant and rich. She kept me up far too late, and kept me from far too many other tasks. While romance and predictability are almost synonimous, this is a story that is not so obvious and is a joy to discover.

Michael and Julia are a lovely couple and their romance is endearing and so satisfying. Watching each of them come to the realization of their feelings for each other is a delight. They are thoughtful, considered, and completely out of their element and it's wonderful to watch!

Julia is extremely faithful and the book is very heavy with a religious tone. However, it is natural to her character and doesn't feel heavy handed and preachy. Unlike some Christian fiction, this book is able to inspire and uplift rather than make you feel overburdened with religious dogma. If you can't stomach any religion in your romance, you'll want to pass. But, if you can tolerate even just a little, I think you'll come to appreciate the masterful way Jennifer has woven it into her story.

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Friday, April 6, 2018

The Honorable Warrior - Kimberly Krey

Synopsis: Retired Navy Seal, Blayze, has been hired to protect Sophia, whose father is the District Attorney running for re-election. Sophia's mother was killed in a car accident and she has now started receiving suspicious and threatening packages. With only a couple of weeks left in the campaign, Sophia is determined to do all that she can to help her father. Blayze is determined to do all that he can to keep her alive. Neither has plans to fall in love. Plans change.

Review: While Kimberly Krey is not new to the intrigue genre, this book definitely leans more heavily towards it than it does romance. There are plenty of sparks between Sophia and Blayze. They make a solid couple and you are definitely left satisfied with their relationship. Not a lot of angst or fabricated barriers etc. My preference leans towards pure romance so my experience with mystery and intrigue is not well established. So, I am reticent to judge that element of the book. But, here's what I will say: it's a good solid story. There are just enough details to give you some clues but not enough so as to give it away. A good clean tale of intrigue with a dose of romance thrown in, make for a book sure to be appreciated by everyone.

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I was given a complimentary copy to review.