Monday, March 19, 2018

Better With You - Rachel John

Synopsis: Shaun swoops in to save Paige from a bad date but despite her kiss goodnight, he never gets her number and is pretty sure he'll never see her again. As fate would have it, they are both vying to purchase the same house. Having had her offer accepted, Paige is ready to renovate and flip it to make a tidy profit. Shaun is determined to find a home he can afford so he can move his widowed mother in with him. He eventually manages to use his powers of persuasion to convince Paige to let him buy the house. But, much to Paige's dismay, he may also be taking her heart too.

Review: This book has that nasty ability to keep you up WAY too late. The first book in the series was really a great read and this one is right in line with it. The couple is endearing. The dialogue between not only Shaun and Paige, but also with the secondary characters, is so natural and flows so well that you truly feel a connection with them. Shaun and Paige's dry banter is so much fun, you can't get enough of them. There's no high drama or contrived conflict. Rather, Rachel John has provided us with a solid couple who find themselves providing each other with the support they each need to be better and stronger through life's challenges. Getting to see a glimpse of Preston and Corrie again is definitely a bonus but reading their story first is not essential. 

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I was given an ARC to review.

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