Saturday, March 3, 2018

Ashes on the Moor - Sarah M. Eden

Synopsis: With few options after the death of most of her family, Evangeline finds herself teaching public school while her younger sister is sent off to boarding school. Evangeline is determined to do whatever she can to prove she can care for Lucy and be reunited with her sister. Dermot has left Ireland to secure opportunities for himself and his son. He's learned to get along whether the locals like him or not. He's guarded and standoffish and not at all interested in making a new friend. But the new school teacher is a bag of trouble and needier than he could have ever anticipated. She somehow finds a soft spot in his resolve to keep to himself and raise his son without bothering anybody.

Review: Despite his gruff persona, Dermot is a great hero. Evangeline needs help and she's (refreshingly) not above asking him for it. Their friendship develops in a natural and believable way, as does their chemistry. There's no high drama. Instead, the reader is privy to a journey of friendship and strength that overcomes the challenges and roadblocks this couple encounters. The banter between Evangeline and Dermot is heartwarming and, at times, delightful. It's satisfying to see them discover that together they can overcome even the hardest of times. A beautiful cast of supporting characters add to the richness of the story. This is no light read. It's emotional and heart wrenching at times. Eden does a good job of drawing you in and delivers a solid and satisfying tale.

Amazon Pre-order: $11.15
(release date Mar 6/18)

I received an ARC to review

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