Monday, March 19, 2018

Better With You - Rachel John

Synopsis: Shaun swoops in to save Paige from a bad date but despite her kiss goodnight, he never gets her number and is pretty sure he'll never see her again. As fate would have it, they are both vying to purchase the same house. Having had her offer accepted, Paige is ready to renovate and flip it to make a tidy profit. Shaun is determined to find a home he can afford so he can move his widowed mother in with him. He eventually manages to use his powers of persuasion to convince Paige to let him buy the house. But, much to Paige's dismay, he may also be taking her heart too.

Review: This book has that nasty ability to keep you up WAY too late. The first book in the series was really a great read and this one is right in line with it. The couple is endearing. The dialogue between not only Shaun and Paige, but also with the secondary characters, is so natural and flows so well that you truly feel a connection with them. Shaun and Paige's dry banter is so much fun, you can't get enough of them. There's no high drama or contrived conflict. Rather, Rachel John has provided us with a solid couple who find themselves providing each other with the support they each need to be better and stronger through life's challenges. Getting to see a glimpse of Preston and Corrie again is definitely a bonus but reading their story first is not essential. 

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I was given an ARC to review.

Saturday, March 17, 2018

The Snapshot Bride - Kimberly Krey

Synopsis: Kira has inherited her grandfather's photography studio in Cobble Creek. Anthony is running his family's diner across the street from the studio. He has fond memories of spending childhood summers hanging out with her when she visited and is more than happy to welcome her back. She's got lots to prove to her family. He's a little wary of having one more woman split from this small town and taking his heart with her.

Review: This Cobble Creek series is such a delight and The Snapshot Bride is a sweet addition to the enchanting couples Kimberly Krey has already given us. The thing I like about romance is that it's predictable. You know there's going to be a HEA. Lots of times you can even guess how they're going to get there. What makes this book pop is Kimberly's ability to keep you guessing without frustrating you with contrived roadblocks. The story takes its twists and turns through the relationship in an easy, engaging, enjoyable way. It's fun to watch it develop and to see two people get to know each other, work through challenges, and find answers without resorting to the often used self-doubt/non-communication conflict. Kira and Anthony are a sweet couple and their story is truly satisfying. 

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I was given a complimentary copy to review

Thursday, March 15, 2018

The Truth About Billionaires - Michelle Pennington

Synopsis: Jill is a young woman devoted to her career as a consultant. When she meets Blake at her BFF's party, she has no intention of becoming embroiled in a relationship. She works and travels too much to risk her heart on a man. Blake is a wealthy businessman who's intrigued by Jill's drive and candid take on life but isn't interested in a relationship with a woman who, like his mother, is married to her career. None of that should be a problem since all they're doing is working on the project Jill has been hired to complete. No problem at all...

Review: Every one of Michelle Pennington's books seems to be better than the last one and this one holds to that trend. Jill and Blake are a great couple to watch. They're chemistry and banter is perfect. They are the both solid characters who can hold their own. They're strong, capable, independent people and together they are awesome. While there are some challenges to overcome, they manage through them in a mature, rational way that makes you cheer wholeheartedly for them. A truly satisfying read.

This is the second in the series but is a stand alone book. Fans will appreciate seeing Charlotte and Nate again.

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I was given a complimentary copy to review.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Marrying a Cowboy - Anne-Marie Meyer

Synopsis: Emma is the last one single in her group of girlfriends and the pressure to get married is heating up. When she reconnects with Austin at the latest wedding, they decide to solve his own wedding woes by getting married temporarily. He'll then be able to fully inherit his grandfather's ranch and Emma will get her mother off her case. Should be an easy fix.

Review: I started out really liking this book. It has lots of potential. The main characters are likeable and their easy banter makes them prime candidates for you to want to root for them to get their HEA. But once they get back to Montana, the story turns from their delightful relationship to a lot of angst and internal conflict about how each of them feels and how they ought not feel the way they do. When the story does get back to the narrative, it's really fun and engaging. So, if you skip the inner conflict parts, you won't really miss much and you'll get a cute story out of it. It's a pretty light, predictable read. Great for a lazy afternoon. It may just have been my complimentary copy, but there were lots of mistakes a proofreader should have caught. Hopefully they were fixed before the polished version went live. Without the errors, this is a four star book.

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I received a complimentary copy to review.

Saturday, March 3, 2018

Ashes on the Moor - Sarah M. Eden

Synopsis: With few options after the death of most of her family, Evangeline finds herself teaching public school while her younger sister is sent off to boarding school. Evangeline is determined to do whatever she can to prove she can care for Lucy and be reunited with her sister. Dermot has left Ireland to secure opportunities for himself and his son. He's learned to get along whether the locals like him or not. He's guarded and standoffish and not at all interested in making a new friend. But the new school teacher is a bag of trouble and needier than he could have ever anticipated. She somehow finds a soft spot in his resolve to keep to himself and raise his son without bothering anybody.

Review: Despite his gruff persona, Dermot is a great hero. Evangeline needs help and she's (refreshingly) not above asking him for it. Their friendship develops in a natural and believable way, as does their chemistry. There's no high drama. Instead, the reader is privy to a journey of friendship and strength that overcomes the challenges and roadblocks this couple encounters. The banter between Evangeline and Dermot is heartwarming and, at times, delightful. It's satisfying to see them discover that together they can overcome even the hardest of times. A beautiful cast of supporting characters add to the richness of the story. This is no light read. It's emotional and heart wrenching at times. Eden does a good job of drawing you in and delivers a solid and satisfying tale.

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(release date Mar 6/18)

I received an ARC to review